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Stay connected with customers even if they can’t visit you.

Automate your wine club management tasks so you can continue to offer wine selections beyond your tasting room.

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Go from this...


Stressing over difficulties of promoting wine tourism & face-to-face tasting rooms due to ongoing pandemic restrictions.


Managing your wine inventory and releases using different programs.


Keeping your wine club members’ info in a growing mountain of spreadsheets.


Manually syncing your members’ payment & billing history to your POS with the rest of your records.

To this


Offering custom wine selections online so your customers can continue supporting you.


Accessing and updating your inventory numbers and release schedule all in one place.


Updating members’ info easily with a tool that even non-tech savvy staff can master.


Automatically save your wine club transactions to Square POS or Stripe where you can easily monitor them.

Experience how easy your next release can be.

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Automated Admin Tools

The Wine Club Site is packed with features that can help your winery bounce back from the difficulties of wine tourism during COVID. We have the tools to help you stay connected with the wine community—from wine selection, purchase & billing, to shipping out your next release.

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Square POS &
Stripe Integration

No need to reinvent your whole payment & billing cycle. Integrate The Wine Club Site with your Square POS and stay on top of your sales logs hassle-free.

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Pay as you grow

Have a growing member base? Or maybe you’re just starting to take your wine club online? We have pricing plans to match your wine club’s size & needs.

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Skip the fussy retail management tasks.

Your wine release will be ready to ship in 23 minutes or less!