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Integrate The Wine Club Site with your Square

Automate your wine club management tasks without replacing your POS.

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Wine Club Software Square POS-

Enjoy a streamlined workflow.

Sync Purchase History

Enjoy the convenience of processing payments via Square POS without having to worry about updating your members’ records later on.

Batch Billing

Skip long hours of manually grouping, updating, and billing members every time you prepare a wine club release.

Seamless Multi-Channel Access

Make two tools work like one. View, update, and sync your wine club history & Square transactions instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you charge a fee per transaction?

    No. The only transaction fee you will see is what Square charges you normally. We do not charge for any transaction. Period.

  • How will I get billed?

    Our pricing model is simple, you are charged monthly based on the number of members you have, billing starts at $59.95 a month.

  • How many clubs can I add?

    All account types can have unlimited Clubs.

  • Do I need my own server?

    No, The Wine Club Site and the Square integration are fully cloud-based and can be accessed through any web browser.


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